Here at In-Situ Consulting, we are passionate and driven to provide quality professional service and practical solutions to clients. We believe in offering prime advice to our clients, as sustainable solutions are better for clients and for the long-term sustainability of our earth.


Why choose us

We were established in 2006, and have grown to a well-qualified team with extensive field experience in exploration, exploitation, and management of groundwater sources as well as subsurface investigations and material analyses. It is of fundamental importance to any engineering project to determine the physical/mechanical and chemical properties. Risks posed by site conditions are assessed and evaluated e.g. the nature of the different soil/rock types, and their distribution both laterally and in-depth, provide valuable information. We assess the probable constraints presented by the site, and in collaboration with the engineer, seek a practical and cost-effective solution to these constraints. We strive to be a leading provider of expert services in hydrogeology and engineering geology.


The detailed list of services is outlined in the Company Profile and our Services Page.


Our satisfied clients

Our number of satisfied clients has grown rapidly and recently surpassed sixty-five. These clients include government institutions, local and regional authorities, consulting engineering firms, mining companies, and corporations, consulting and contracting companies and private individuals.


In-Situ Consulting is qualified and equipped for a range of client needs, so we look forward to exceeding our clients’ expectations.